Photo by: Kyle Cassidy

Photo by: Kyle Cassidy

Joan of Dark is sometimes called Toni Carr. But not very often. Her passion for knitting started when she asked her grandmother to show her how, and instantly regretted all the time in her life spent not knitting. Her first book, Knockdown Knits, was all about roller derby and knitting. The second book, Knits for Nerds, is all about nerdy knitting. So one could guess that Joan is a roller derby loving knitting nerd. This would be correct. She is also a rescuer of animals, and surrounds herself with not only a very loving and tolerant husband, but a miniature horse named Starkey, Pigwidgeon (Widget) the parrot,  a very weird dog named Sassy Burrito, Willie the craziest corgi mutt ever and 2 cats named Vega and Lenore. Future plans may include a female duck named Howard, but the husbands tolerance may only stretch so far.

When not knitting, skating, performing aerial silks, or running though muddy obstacle course races, you may find she is working in her coffee shop, Strange Brew, playing the guitar or the bass, or occasionally having too many glasses of wine and entertaining her twitter followers with her tipsy ramblings. #joanofdrunk

You can read about more adventures on her blog, or follow her on twitter.


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