• A quick update…
    I’ve been meaning to post this forever, but I was hoping to do it from Iceland, while shooting photos with Kyle Cassidy. However, our trip was delayed thanks to Covid. […]
  • Happy Birthday Evelyn
    Sunday we celebrated the fact that we’ve had our tiny person for a whole year!The theme of the party was the Neil Gaiman book, Blueberry Girl. My friend Lorraine read […]
  • Sorry for Being A**holes, Mom
    Sorry for Being A**holes, MomA Mother’s Day letter in the form of a dialog co-authored by David Dunn and Joan Dark (a.k.a. Toni Carr). David writes in plain text. Joan […]
  • Rest in…. something.
    I found out Saturday night that my birth father died. I have very little memories of him. I remember him bringing a garbage bag full of Christmas gifts and it […]
  • Babies in Public Spaces
    A few months back I heard our friends Neil Gaiman and Cat Mihos were going to be just a couple hours away from us in Ohio. Which meant that not […]
  • Mommy failings
    First off, forgive any typos in this blog post. I asked Dill to get me a new keyboard and he was very proud of himself for finding a great deal […]
  • Hey baby hey baby hey!
    I love my baby. I know everyone loves their babies, but dang. I REALLY love my baby. Unfortunately, baby love has turned me into the least productive person in the […]
  • Hello Evelyn Winter…
    Last weekend we had some pretty simple plans. Friday after work we went on our weekly lunch date for thai food. I saved most of mine since we had a […]
  • Turtles All the Way Down Tour!
    If you’ve had a chance to see the fantastic John and Hank Green on the Turtles All the Way Down tour you really should! We had such a blast! Many, […]
  • Stronger Together: Sac City Rollers & Sacred City Derby Girls
    Two California Roller Derby teams took a huge step towards derby domination yesterday: “Stronger Together: Sacramento’s Top Roller Derby Teams Unify Sacramento, CA: Sac City Rollers and Sacred City Derby […]
  • My humble publishing advice, re: tech editors.
    Have you ever been working from a pattern and encountered a mistake? Frustrating as all hell right? Imagine being the person who MADE that mistake! It’s frustrating and upsetting. Luckily, […]
  • The bigger I get the more I disappear…
    I tried to explain to someone how I feel like I’m disappearing yesterday. They looked me up and down and I could feel the incredulity. I’m HUGE! How the heck […]
  • Update!
    Well, closing in on 6 months of pregnancy and I’m still pregnant! Very, very pregnant actually. It’s been.. rough. The first three months are something I never want to repeat […]
  • It’s a…. baby!
  • A very long post about infertility, pregnancy and (some) politics.
    I’m having a baby. Which is exciting stuff for sure! Baby knits! Baby names! Morning sickness! (Oh wait, that part sucks!) I’ve had a very, very long journey towards pregnancy. […]
  • Drunk Knitting Episode 2: John Scalzi
    In case you missed it, Drunk Knitting Episode 2 is live! I always have such a blast hanging out with John and Krissy, and John was a great sport for […]
  • New book? Maybe..
    I’ve been really busy for over a year now, working on a new knitting book that is definitely different from what I’ve done before. But here’s the problem with being […]
  • Derby days.
    You know what’s humbling? Derby practice.  I love reconnecting with derby thanks to Naptown Roller Girls and Rolling Thunder. No matter how hard you work out, there is no sore […]
  • Drunk Knitting: Episode 1
    I’ve had a theory I’ve been wanting to test for a while regarding drinking and learning how to knit. Luckily, my friend Paige, who’s been struggling with trying to learn […]
  • Is it time for home teams Naptown?
    When we first formed Naptown Roller Girls, we wanted to do something that everyone said was foolish at first, we wanted to not have intraleague home teams. Our idea was […]
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